Parent & Child Classes

Hermit Crab

4 - 12 Months

The overall aim of our Hermit crab class is to teach children the basic mobility skills required within the water using verbal cues. Our focus is on water safety and water conditioning by teaching your child to submerge safely without inhaling water and floating.

This is done through fun and engaging activities to ensure your child isn't feeling nervous within the class. It is a great bonding experience for parents/guardians to teach children how to become water safe from a young age.


1 - 2 Years

Children are beginning to build their mobility skills within this age bracket. Our Starfish program is focused on giving your child some independence by getting them to understand their bearings within the pool and beginning to develop a strong verbal connection to mobility skills within the class.


2 - 3 Years
Our Jellyfish program is focused around children gaining more independence through skill development and mastering the basic movements. Within this class your child can associate verbal cues with their mobility skills, they are confident in the water, can float independently and are ready to learn the freestyle stroke. These children also participate in our water safety lesson twice a term.

Independent Lessons


If your child is over 3 years old and has never participated in swimming lessons before, is new to learning to swim or is scared of the water, our Octopus class is the best place to start. This class is all about building a child’s water confidence and water awareness, supported by our small class sizes of a maximum 4 students. Children will learn to float independently, learn about water safety and comfortably submerge underwater with the correct breath control.


Our Dolphin class is for children that have water confidence and beginning to display basic swimming skills but still need some assistance. The focus is on developing freestyle and backstroke comfortably with the teacher’s assistance. Our teachers will provide swimming activities that assist with fine tuning these skills into a stroke through a fun and supportive environment.


Our Shark class focuses on building your child's endurance and ensuring they maintain the correct technique to swim 12.5 metres. Within this level, children are beginning to learn how to do breaststroke and butterfly while continuing to develop their Freestyle and Backstroke skills. 


Seahorse is our final level here at Let’s Swim! Children are now able to swim continuous laps comfortably mastering all four of the swimming strokes; butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. This level is focused on fine tuning these skills to further their swimming abilities.

Survival Week

Teaching about water safety and survival within the class is extremely important. This is why we will be providing a survival class every 6 weeks for levels from Jellyfish through to Seahorse here at Let’s Swim!

Children and Parents will learn what to do in dangerous and scary situations, to build confidence and awareness around how to do reach rescues, put on a life jacket and swim with clothes on whilst doing survival strokes. This builds awareness and teaches children to be prepared if real life situations arise.